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You have a hard time expressing yourself


You don't feel safe or grounded in your life


You feel stuck, unsure of yourself, or find it difficult to make decisions that feel right for you


You know you want change but feel confused or afraid


You self-numb with distractions or unhealthy behaviors because you don’t like to feel those hard emotions like sadness, worry or fear


You find yourself repeating the same patterns in your own life or in your relationships and ask yourself “why does this keep happening to me?”


You have a hard time believing in your own value and doubt yourself more than you care to admit

Whether you have a challenge that you cannot overcome, you want to rebuild your relationship with yourself,  or you just feel plain stuck, private coaching may be for you.

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Hi! I'm Reneé

I help women HEAL so they can come home to their fullest, most expansive expression of self.

Let's be honest...

Likely you’re here because you need a safe and supportive space to to finally break free from old conditioning, patterns, traumas and limitations that are keeping you from living your fullest expression of self.
You know deep inside that you want more.
You feel like you deserve more.

And you are ready to connect to a higher vibration of yourself to get there…
But you need someone to hold space for you. 


You want to feel safe, seen and supported as you transition into a more healed and elevated version of yourself.

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My style of support is ceremonial in nature, highly intuitive, nourishing to the feminine, and spiritual in study. 

During our call together we may explore a variety of healing modalities such as meditation, creativity, inner child work, divine feminine embodiment practices, drum journeys and more.

Every session begins with sacred intention and meditative ritual before diving into a journey of exploration and expansion.

Because this is an intuitive space, you will be empowered to look inward for the wisdom that awaits you.

I will gently guide you and help you open the door to your innate creative and feminine flow.


These soul sessions can help you get to the root of suppressed emotions, conditioning, and belief systems, while also encouraging you to shift perspective in your day to day life.

Together, we will work on healing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself and integrate your new story so you can finally live the fullest, most expansive version of you.

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Private Soul Sessions are for you if...

You are highly committed to your personal and spiritual transformation

You are ready to take your spiritual and sacred practices to the next level whether you are just beginning or want to elevate your current practices

You understand that you are a unique individual, that one size does not fit all, and want to discover what feels most aligned with you in your own development practically and energetically

You understand that personal integration is a huge part of your own study and success and you desire the loving support to get there

If You....

Are ready to embrace and accept your own shadows to learn and grow from...


Are ready to heal the stories, patterns, beliefs and conditioning that no longer serve you...

 Want to connect more deeply with the divine feminine...

Are ready to stop playing small in some area of your life and are ready to step into your feminine power...

Want more creativity in your life or desire to connect to your inner artist landscape...

Want to strengthen your intuition and feel more empowered...

Then let's have a chat to see what's possible!

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