I'm so happy you're here!

My name is Reneé and I LOVE teaching women how powerful they truly are.  You see, for almost 30 years I worked as a professional in corporate environments feeling unmotivated and disconnected from myself longing for so much more.  Every day for years I would daydream of my escape but it was always just a dream.  I had no idea how capable I was of making lasting change.  I tried everything just to make myself feel better.  I went to therapy.  I started meditating.  I went to women's circles.  I did creative projects.  I even went on some international adventures to face some of my deepest fears.  But it wasn't until I realized I had a gift inside of me that could no longer be ignored that my life started to change...

I started teaching women how to paint in workshops and retreats.  I even sold some of my art. 

But something still wasn’t working.  I still felt out of alignment.  So I dove deeper into my own process.

I embraced the artist in me and started painting in a whole new way.  What I discovered knocked my socks off and opened a whole new world of possibility for me.

I was able to find freedom, authenticity, bravery and a deeper love for myself than I have ever known, all because I learned how to harness the power of my intuition.

What happened next was no surprise.


I found the confidence and bravery to do my Soul Work.



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I changed the way I was showing up in the world.  I used a whole new approach to help women get to the core of their shadows and what they desire to create for themselves.  And the results blew me away! 


Women started telling me how wonderful it felt to have the permission and the freedom to express their inner world in a safe and powerful way.  They started to see a shift in their bravery and confidence to create something authentic and how their external world was a mirror for what’s happening inside of them.  


I knew I could no longer keep this to myself.


Facing my inner shadows allowed me to find the courage to listen to my intuition and discover what it was I truly desired.  I no longer felt the pressure and anxiety from years of doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  I changed my internal belief system and discovered what felt right for me.

This is why I'm here. To help women like you find your inner voice, find your courage and your strength, find the truth of who you are and let your inner compass lead the way.

"Renee helped me tap into a place deep inside myself that I didn't know existed. She allowed me to connect with my own inner child, remember what it was like to be creative and just play. I drew a picture that helped me to heal more deeply, and connect more deeply with my own inner being and who I am at the core!"

~Nikki G.

Connect to the Body

Working women spend so much time using their masculine energy so I teach you how to use your body as a tool for connecting to your intuition.

Heightened Intuition

When women connect to their body creatively on a deep level, they have a natural ability to gain deeper awareness and tap into their internal wisdom.


Not only do I give you permission to feel and process, you learn how to give yourself permission to feel and make choices that are in alignment with you.


The right mentor can hold space to "energetically" co-create your vision and challenge you to go deeper as you continue to grow on your journey.

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