Paint Your Life's Canvas


Finally, a place where creativity, femininity, and manifestation rise together

Welcome to the Paint Your Life's Canvas Goddess Collective!

A conscious community of amazing women who create their life canvas
Have been craving sisterhood...
Want to embody your innate creativity...
Desire to align with your deepest truth...
Want to find more purpose in life...
Desire tools to navigate your unique path and purpose in a supportive and engaging community, this exclusive membership is for you!

You might be wondering,

why join?

You see, for about 2 decades I was feeling LOST.
I didn't have relationships that made me feel supported, like I could BE or DO anything I could possibly dream of.
I craved being part of a community of creative and spiritual women and I wanted deeper connections.
I wanted to feel safe, to feel accepted and seen, and I wanted to feel like I belonged
I was lonely, working in jobs I hated and the money I made didn’t fulfill me.
I felt like there had to be so much more to life than what I was doing. 
But I was scared....scared to move forward, scared to take action because I really didn't know how.
What I really needed was to find a way to make a change from what I was conditioned to do all my life to something that truly made me feel fulfilled and of service to the world
So I started taking every retreat, every workshop, every mastermind, every training that I could that seemed like something I could do and would help me feel like I belonged somewhere.  I became a serial self educator for YEARS in search of my genius zone.
I was looking everywhere OUTSIDE of me to find my purpose.

I finally learned that everything I was looking for was inside me all along....
And I learned this when I decided to use my own intuitive creative expression as a tool for creating my life the way I wanted.

Why this Membership is so Transformative

This Is Not Your Ordinary Women's Group...
This exclusive membership is designed to help women develop a deeper connection to their own wisdom, let go of perfection, and transform their limiting beliefs so they can LIVE ON PURPOSE in an empowering way.
Women need connection.  Women need to express themselves freely.  And this group is a sacred container to do all of that. 
You will discover:
How to end self sabotage and get clarity...
How to silence your inner critic and reclaim confidence...
How to use forgiveness and gratitude as a weapon...
Why co-creating with women is essential to success...
How to grow out of your comfort zone...
Plus the secret powers of the Wild Woman archetype...
And how to use Intuitive Creative Expression as a tool to navigate ALL of this
...and SO much more!

Monthly Transformation Tools

Every Month You Will Receive...

1 Live Group Coaching Session per Month
(a $400 value)
Weekly Inspirations
Live Talks and Q&A
Online Creativity Sessions 
Access to all Coaching Recordings
Early Priority Access to in-person Events
Private Members Group
Special Offers and Discounts
You get all this and more in Supportive Sisterhood of like-minded women!

What Women are Saying....

Renee offered me a loving and powerful space to look within and discover what was waiting just below the surface. I would highly encourage any woman who is looking for a bit more clarity and connection in her life to work with Renee.


Renee is such a beautiful spirit and a wonderful space holder. She really reinforced that painting is not about perfection and gave me the confidence to dive in and feel through the experience.


In a single afternoon, Renee gave me a mini vacation. One that she's teaching me to see, with a few tools and an open space of trust in my intuitive self, I can take anytime. Now, instead of a get away, I think this space that actively resides in me is really more of my go to spot.


So What is Intuitive Painting Anyway?

Intuitive Creative Expression is exactly that... the ability to express yourself using your intuition and innate creativity. 
Here's the magic:  when you go inward and open your heart, all that you need to know is accessible to you.  Intuitive painting is a tool to communicate that wisdom in the colors, shapes, patterns, textures and images your higher self wants you to see.  It's a portal for conversation, healing, and transformation.
This membership gives you the space to create your life canvas and enhance your creativity at the same time. 
Painting experience is not required to do this work.  All you need is an open mind, an open heart, and be willing to face what's presented to you with new eyes.
This work can be truly life changing!
"Renee is a talented, sweet spirited woman with a vision to help empower woman on many levels.
I think she is Awesome!"  P.T.
If you're ready to embrace your innate feminine power, be immersed in sacred sisterhood, and start creating your Life Canvas, then join the Collective today.
You DESERVE this Sister.  It's time to Rise.