A 31-Day Journal to Awaken and Align with your Transformation Journey


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All The Tools You Need In One Place To Raise Your Vibration and Awaken To Your Aligned Path

Morning & Evening Prompts

Set daily intentions and align time, question and create new belief systems  and mantras to embody every day. Plus, keep track of your ideas, daily commitments, celebrations and gratitude.

Cycle Tracking

Get clarity on your emotional patterns by tracking your Mood and Energy cycles, plus Lunar and Menstrual phases.  Discover your emotional cycle to schedule productivity and down time.

Bonus Features

Boost your creativity with coloring pages, inspiring quotes, and create and color your own personal mantra for the month. Plus, reflect on your progress each week with the weekly check-in.

Imagine a place where you can keep track of it all

Hold yourself accountable to your daily commitments and personal transformation

There's no longer a need for multiple journals

Simplify your day with one sacred container to hold all your thoughts and actions.


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Let me guess.  Do one of these describe you?

  • You have multiple journals in your home, one for gratitude, one for free writing, one for ideas, inspiration or business, maybe even one for planning or to-do lists. Whatever the case, it's overwhelming to have so many (unless you like that sort of thing!)

  • You have multiple journals but everything is unorganized and you can't remember where the heck you wrote down that one idea, that one mantra, that one thing you wanted to remember.

  • You have never journaled before but have been thinking about starting, or you have been wondering where the heck to even begin on this new transformation journey you're in.

If so, I see you!

This journal was birthed with the intention to create more simplicity while still creating massive shifts.

Just 15 minutes of reflection per day is all you need to make an impact in your transformational journey.  Of course, you can spend more time if you choose to on any given day and the more you do, the more you will reap the benefits.

As busy women who want to make an impact in the world, we have to work on ourselves.  We have to challenge our own belief systems, learn to love ourselves more every day, create boundaries and do our own inner healing work before we can see the desired change in our outer world.


Living with Intention is the Simplest Way to Create your Reality.

Who do you want to be, what do you want, and what are you doing to get there? It all starts with intention.

This is the kind of journal that you will WANT to open first thing every morning, before you jump out of bed, or during your morning coffee or tea.  You can take it with you to work. You can glance at it throughout your day to help you remember your intentions and spark more inspiration.

And in the evening you will WANT to highlight the things that you honored, show gratitude, and celebrate the one small step, the one small new belief, the one giant step, the one reward....anything that is bringing you closer to your highest good connecting you more deeply with your soul path. 

You will even look forward to writing down the things that you missed, the things that you forgot to do, or the things that you'll do better next time. 

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