Practicing Manifestation and Intuitive Wisdom

When it comes to manifestation I have never really thought about rules or what to do or not do. In fact, for a good portion of my early adult life I just kind of let things happen. A lot of people in my life might call that plain old luck. “You’re a lucky person …. You are lucky …. Luck finds you ….”. What I didn’t really know was that I was manifesting.

To me “luck” is manifestation made real, meaning, there is a deep spiritual guidance going on. So when someone in my outer world tells me I am lucky, I acknowledge it and secretly know that what’s really happening is I am manifesting, trusting and using my conscious and unconscious inner wisdom to create.

Manifesting doesn’t come easy to everyone but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You have probably heard about the power of positive thinking and how what you think becomes reality. You may have even read books like “The Secret”. While there might be some truth in that, manifesting goes much deeper on a spiritual level. I am going to share a few tips that I continuously use in my own life.

Write it Down

Write down on paper what it is you desire. Be very specific. Go into detail about the reality. If you are struggling to come up with the right words, or if you are not feeling positive emotions to it, then you are likely not meant to have it or it is truly not something you desire.

Only Use Positive Words in the Present Tense

Avoid using words like “never”, “no”, “want”, “not”, etc. Use words like “have”, “always”, “is”, “am”, “yes”, etc. The universe doesn’t know the difference between these so it’s important that you ensure your manifestations are stated in a positive light! Also, always write your manifestations in the present tense as if you already have them.

Use Visualization

Close your eyes and vision your dreaming. How does it feel? What are the emotions that arise? What does it look like, taste like, feel like? Use your senses to guide you into writing down exactly what you desire.

Perform a Ritual

A ritual doesn’t have to be extravagant but I find that rituals help me stay centered, grounded and focused on my intention. Your ritual can be as simple as lighting a white candle as you read your manifestation out loud to set your intentions. You could even do something more expressive like taking a walk in nature to honor the earth, talk to the trees, or dip your toes in the water to connect your body and spirit on a higher level to the universe. Be creative and come up with a ritual that feels right to you.


That’s the easy part. What you do now is just as important. This is where your INTUITIVE WISDOM comes in. Wait, trust and listen. Really pay attention. What I mean by this is that there are going to be things that come your way that if you’re not paying attention may pass you by. It doesn’t mean that other opportunities won’t arise. It means let your divine intuition guide you. An opportunity may arise that you think is crazy, or not do-able, or fearful. That opportunity could be a stepping-stone to your manifestation, or it could bring you to your ultimate desire.

As you go through life TRUSTING your choices and BELIEVING in your dreaming you are going to find that it gets easier. You will start to notice patterns and you will find it easier to make decisions. I have made many decisions over the last 25 years that some people in my life probably thought were stupid, or crazy, or whatever. Those emotions that come out of them are usually fear based because they are either afraid for you, or they are too afraid to live their own soul path.

Here’s a little secret,

“not everyone is going to get it!”

Not everyone is going to understand why you make the decisions you do, or why you choose one path over another. Family, friends, co-workers and strangers alike might all question your life choices. Close friends and family might do it from a place of concern or misunderstanding. Others who you are acquainted with might ask numerous questions of you because they don’t really understand.

This year I think I have experienced more “questioning” from those around me than I ever have in my life. Conversations with strangers had me looking inside myself starting to question my own path. Conversations with family left me feeling frustrated like I have to prove myself, and so on.

What I want to share with you is that other’s fear is not a match for your own soul path. What I have learned is that my soul path, my choosing, my desires, are mine and mine alone. They are my baby, they are an intimate part of me that doesn’t always have to be shared with the world. As you are building your life, like building your own business, or building your own family, you want to protect it and nourish it. Every detail doesn’t have to be shared with those around you. Explanations don’t have to be made. You are taking something from its infancy into greatness and it needs to be protected.

Choose who you want to share your dreaming with. Choose those who are supportive and understanding, that will cheer you on and be there with you along the way. This doesn’t mean you have to disown your other family or friends. It only means if you choose to explore and share your dreams and soul path with anyone, choose wisely and expand and nourish together.


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