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Here's What Clients are Saying:

Renee offered me a loving and powerful space to look within and discover what was waiting just below the surface. Through her warmth, kindness and excellent questions, I had multiple epiphanies and "aha" moments about my life and how I want to move forward. I would highly encourage any woman who is looking for a bit more clarity and connection in her life to work with Renee!


Renee is such a beautiful spirit and a wonderful spaceholder. I was lucky enough to have a one on one painting session with her on the last new moon setting some beautiful intentions for what comes next in my life. She guided me through a beautiful visualization which allowed me to tap into what I desire to manifest and then wrote it on my canvas before we spent the whole afternoon intuitively painting my vision. I’m so happy with my first experience of painting and I know it was from the patience and kindness of Renee and her permission to just start. She really reinforced that painting is not about perfection and gave me the confidence to dive in and feel through the experience.